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Why choose ICT-Connecting?


Distinguish your IT company with the right IT Manager or IT expert

Your company is active in production, logistics, distribution, healthcare or other... In one word, an IT-driven organisation who needs to keep watch over e.g. the link between IT systems and clients, warehouses, subsidiaries etc.

Then, at IT Executive Board and (Senior) Management level, the choice of the correct profile is vital. Their expertise and the decisions they make have an impact on your entire organization.


An IT Director who can determine the IT strategy of your organization, an IT Manager not only with a broad technical knowledge, but who also can translate the needs of your Business into IT, an Architect expert in integration technologies who can design the IT architecture of your organization… 

Because this is how you make the difference. You increase your competitive advantage and continue the growth of your organization.


Read references from clients and candidates 


How ICT-Connecting can make the difference for you

What you are working on, who your clients are, which projects you are running, how you distinguish yourself, your company culture and the history of how it was created.

We want to know it all, so we can get to know you.

Clients value this:

“The first time that we appealed to the services of ICT-Connecting was in the context of a search for a strategic IT-function within our group. The mix of the required competencies and knowledge was complex, and for the candidates the difference would be made on the basis of their soft skills and experience. No obvious challenge when you work for the first time with a company.

ICT-Connecting has nevertheless been successful, thanks to their thorough analysis of the required profile but also of the working environment, their open way of communication throughout the entire process, their in-depth follow-up which is coherent both towards the customer and the candidate. The fact that our end candidate also was positive about his contacts with ICT-Connecting, is just as important for us.”

Katrien Sterckx, talent manager Distriplus

"ICT-Connecting distinguishes itself from other recruitment offices by its high level of professionalism and enthusiasm. Candidates are always well screened and only passed on to you when they really have something extra to offer. They monitor the candidates very proactively. The greatest added value that ICT-Connecting provides is thinking together with the client. They are interested in the company and the environment where the candidate will end up. Good feedback and following up complete the package. Furthermore, all the CVs that are sent through are good quality. The final choice is often difficult as there are many different candidates cut from the same good cloth. ICT-Connecting also succeeds in finding high-quality candidates for very specific IT vacancies which are therefore hard to fill. ICT-Connecting is proof that miracles exist!"

Bennie Vanisterbecq, General Manager U&I Learning nv

This is how we make the difference. And we build up a long term relationship with you and our candidates.

As a specialist in IT Direct Search, Executive Search and headhunting, we identify suitable IT experts and speak to them directly. Just for you!

And we don’t ask you for a retainer fee. No cure, no pay; that is our principle. We know that we will fill your IT vacancy because of the high quality of candidates we identify. Guaranteed.

You only gain an advantage if you have suitable and motivated candidates

Anyone can shove a CV under your nose.

But you only gain an advantage if you have the most suitable and motivated IT Managers and IT experts. We don't pick CV's from the internet. We search out the profiles that can make a difference for you.

Yes, including the difficult ones.

And even if you're not asking a concrete question. Because you will hear from us if we find an IT specialist who can add value to your business.

“With a few explanatory words and some other information, Catherine understands what you are looking for. The way in which they deal with you personally and professionally puts you at ease straight away. You don’t waste any time because Catherine responds to your requests directly. And this leads immediately to good results.”

Filip Van Riet

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